Now that award season has ended with Joker winning two Oscars on Sunday, the film’s director Todd Phillips has taken a reflective moment to share photos from the last day of shooting on Instagram.

In the gallery, we first see a photo of newly minted Best Actor Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix hugging Phillips on the set of the psych ward in which the film concludes in. Next are some close-ups of Phoenix looking both sinister and jovial.

What follows are some shots of both the actor and Phillips walking down the hall of the fictional Gotham city medical facility, and a fun candid of Phillips next to Phoenix still dressed in character, wearing a patient uniform, with his hands cuffed, taking a large inhale from his cigarette.

In the Instagram caption, Phillips describe the last day shooting Joker as “bittersweet,” adding “While it felt great to be done, we also had such an intense and unique experience— and then suddenly it just ends.”

Credit: Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros.

Bringing it back to it being the end of his award season journey with Joker, Phillips writes, “What a ride this film has been and it all culminated with watching Joaquin walk up on that stage this weekend. Thanks again to the entire cast and crew. And especially the fans, for seeing through all the noise and showing up.”

In addition to the film winning to Oscars, Joker has made over a billion dollars worldwide.

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