What can be better than a Wonder Woman sequel set in 1984? How about a Wonder Woman sequel set in 1985?!

When Wonder Woman 1984 stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal plus director Patty Jenkins sat down for a roundtable discussion at EW’s cover shoot, they all couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had shooting the upcoming superhero film. “We were sitting here as we were getting ready for this thinking about what the next movie that all five of us are doing together,” Jenkins says.

“We’re thinking about shooting Wonder Woman 1985,” Gadot adds as they all laugh. As Jenkins wonders what came out in 1985 that wasn’t around in 1984 that can be referenced in the potential sequel to the sequel, Pine jumps in with, “Wonder Woman: Saved By the Bell,” and Pascal can’t stop laughing as he offers, “Wonder Woman 1985: The Color Purple.

But then things get a little more serious (but not quite) as the stars and director tease the new Wonder Woman adventure. “Wonder Woman 1984 takes us to the ’80s,” Pascal says with another laugh.

“We find Diana [Gadot] living in Washington. She’s…in the gutter,” Wiig adds while Pascal — clearly having the best time — jokes that she’s “passed out.”

It’s not all jokes and goofing off though! Wiig gets serious to describe the movie’s plot. “She is working at the Smithsonian where she meets Barbara Minerva,” Wiig says of her new character as Jenkins adds that “she is a quirky and funny and charming girl and they become fast friends.”

Pine then jumps in to add that “Maxwell Lord [Pascal] is some charlatan who sells gold.. enters the picture,” while his costars clarify that he sells “black gold” aka oil.

“Anyway, it’s a really good movie,” Gadot deadpans into the camera after all those cryptic teases. “We shot it for eight months, we busted our asses.”

Check out the full roundtable video above to hear the stars and director describe the “pure delight” of the new Wonder Woman movie, why they’re so reluctant to tell fans anything that might spoil the movie, ’80s nostalgia, and more.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters June 5.

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