Director Rob Galluzzo's film also features Money Mark and the late Kim Shattuck from The Muffs.

Rob Galluzzo is well known to diehard horror fans for his cohosting of the movie podcast Shock Waves. But his upcoming documentary is about music rather than bloody mayhem. Titled Analog Love, the film finds its director diving deep into the subject of mixtapes.

"Music has always been a passion of mine," says Galluzzo, who is Director of Acquisitions and Distribution at the horror brand Fangoria. "I wanted to make a film that had nothing to do with horror but that was also equally me. I grew up in a generation of mixtapes, where it really took a lot of effort and love to express how you felt about things. If you were too shy to properly say what you were meaning, you made a mixtape. What I learned along the way was, even though the formats have changed, the intent is still the same. People still communicate to this day through music, it's just a slightly different way of doing it. We basically see it through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old girl who I help throughout the process make a mix for her Dad. It really means a lot to me — the whole idea of how powerful music is, how it connects us, and right now more than ever, we really need to be reminded of the things that connect us. This whole doc is about celebrating our similarities versus our differences."

The documentary's expert talking heads include Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark, L7 bassist Jennifer Finch, and punk-rock legend Henry Rollins.

"We spent something like three hours with him in his temperature-controlled meida room where he still to this day has every single mixtape he's ever made," says Galluzzo of interviewing Rollins. "He really opened up and talked to us in a very emotional way about his affinity for the cassette and the ritual of the mixtape."

The film also features one of the last interviews with Kim Shattuck from band The Muffs who died last October.

"I interviewed her couple of years ago," says Galluzzo. "I'd always been a huge huge fan. I was terribly shocked and sad that she passed away. I never got to show her anything from the movie but she's such a beautiful, funny, interesting soul and I can't wait for people to see her in this movie."

Giving someone a mixtape is, of course, often a way of showing romantic intent. Did Galluzzo ever successfully woo someone with the gift of a cassette?

"Let me put it this way, there was somebody at one of the first jobs I ever had who credits me with completely changing the way they look at music, because of the mixes I used to make for her," says the director. "I did not win her heart, but I did win her ears."

Analog Love will receive its world premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival in Scottsdale, AZ. and is also playing at the Chattanooga Film Festival.

Exclusively watch the trailer for Analog Love above.

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