Watch the black-ish star and Bryan Cranston in a MTN DEW Zero Sugar Super Bowl spot that spoofs the classic horror film.

Tracee Ellis Ross learned a few things about herself after starring in a reimagination of an iconic scene from The Shining for a Super Bowl 2020 commercial. Mainly, that she has a yell inside her that's perfect for a lead role in a horror film.

In the spot for MTN DEW Zero Sugar, Bryan Cranston embodies Jack Torrance, originally brought to life by Jack Nicholson, while Ross takes on Shelley Duvall's role, Jack's tormented wife Wendy, scared for her life as he smashes through a door with an ax.

"I didn't have to go back and watch a lot because she is etched in my body and mind," Ross tells EW said about how she channeled the legendary Duvall. "Her work throughout her career has been just a big part of what I do. Her face, the fact that she has big eyes… I have big eyes. Like, all of these things."

She adds, "So, to have the opportunity to reprise such an iconic role was really special and exciting. And I did look back at the movie because, you know, I do my research, but I also felt like once you put that costume on — and I think they did an amazing and impeccable job with that — once you put that on plus the set… everything, the rest kind of falls into place. And then it was just my job to see what kind of scream I could offer. Working with Bryan Cranston was like the cherry on top."

While fans can't get enough of Ross' work in comedies, this new spot could be the thing that boosts her viability as the next great Scream Queen. In fact, she's not opposed to her horror movie debut being an actual remake of The Shining, especially if a certain Oscar winner was involved.

"The answer is yes, absolutely," Ross says about whether she'd get on board if Get Out and Us writer-director Jordan Peele got behind the project. "Maybe I should send him a link to the commercial with a little note with a winky face emoji and then one for fingers crossed?"

Watch Ross and Cranston in their MTN DEW Zero Sugar Super Bowl commercial above.

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