By Rosy Cordero
January 26, 2020 at 01:20 PM EST

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence weren’t playing around with their long-awaited return in Bad Boys for Life. The action-comedy continues its box office domination for the second week in a row with an estimated $34 million at the box office, according to Comscore.

Ben Rothstein/Columbia

Following in second place is Sam Mendes‘ 1917 with $16 million, and Dolittle is in third with $13 million. The Gentlemen had a solid debut in theaters, opening in fourth place with $11 million. Rounding out the top five is Jumanji: The Next Level with $8 million.

Christopher Raphael/STX Entertainment

Guy Ritchie‘s big screen return following Disney’s Aladdin in 2019, The Gentlemen tells the action-packed story of American ex-pat Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) who triggers a series of unfortunate events when he attempts to leave his life as a profitable drug dealer behind.

The film co-stars Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan, and Colin Farrell.

EW gave the film a B- saying, “You may need a flowchart to keep it all straight, and Scotch tape to keep your eyes from rolling back at some of Ritchie’s hoarier takes on race, class, and masculinity; if he’s grown emotionally over the past two decades, it’s invisible to the naked eye.”

Moviegoers a little bit more than critics, Cinemascore reports a B+ average.

Patrick Redmond/Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures

Floria Sigismondi’s The Turning opened in sixth place with an estimated $7.3 million at the box office. The supernatural horror title transports audiences to a mysterious estate in the Maine countryside, where newly appointed nanny Kate (Mackenzie Davis) is charged with the care of two disturbed orphans, Flora (Brooklynn Pierce) and Miles (Finn Wolfhard). Quickly though, she discovers that both the children and the house are harboring dark secrets and things may not be as they appear.

Critics and moviegoers agree, The Turning is just not worthy of your hard-earned cash. Cinemascore gave it an F, and Rotten Tomatoes critics have it at just 12 percent and recommend would-be moviegoers read the source material from the Henry James classic novel instead.

Overall, box office is up 12.8 percent year-to-date, according to Comscore. Check out the Jan. 24-26 numbers below:

  1. Bad Boy for Life— $34 million
  2. 1917—$16 million
  3. Dolittle— $13 million
  4. The Gentlemen— $11 million
  5. Jumanji: The Next Level— $8 million
  6. The Turning—$7.3 million
  7. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker—$5.2 million
  8. Little Women—$5 million
  9. Just Mercy—$4.1 million
  10. Knives Out—$4 million

[This article has been updated to more accurately characterize the opening of The Gentlemen.]

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