Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, and Michelle Dockery describe Guy Ritchie's 'The Gentlemen' from A to Z in EW's new video series

Guy Ritchie’s new film The Gentlemen is set to hit U.S. theaters this weekend. After the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin, The Gentlemen goes back to Ritchie’s roots directing crime thrillers like Snatch. The cast is filled with stars (including Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Grant, and more) but what is it actually about? For EW’s new video series A to Z (available to watch here or on our YouTube channel), we got McConaughey, Golding, and Dockery to explain The Gentlemen to us from A to Z.

A is for “antagonist,” which is Golding’s role in the film as an up-and-coming gangster known as “Dry Eye” who has his dry eyes set on the massive marijuana empire of McConaughey’s Mickey Pearson. B is for “bad,” because even the ostensible heroes like Mickey and Dockery’s Rosalind Pearson behave quite badly at times. Not every letter lends itself to descriptive words of course; you’ll have to watch the video to find out The Gentlemen‘s connection to “Xanadu.”

Watch the full video above. The Gentlemen hits theaters on Jan. 24.

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