Mean Girls has been a movie and a musical. Now it’s going to be both.

Tina Fey and the producers of the Broadway production announced Thursday that they’ll be returning to North Shore High and adapting the Mean Girls musical into a new film for Paramount Pictures. The musical is, of course, based on Fey’s 2004 film of the same name, which means that the new movie will be a movie based on a musical based on a movie. (And you thought High School Musical: The Musical: The Series was confusing.)

“I’m very excited to bring Mean Girls back to the big screen,” Fey said in a statement. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how much the movie and the musical have meant to audiences. I’ve spent 16 years with these characters now. They are my Marvel Universe and I love them dearly.”

Tina Fey
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The Mean Girls musical has been an all-pink hit ever since it opened on Broadway in 2018. (The producers also revealed Thursday that it’s recouped its original capitalization, with plans to bring the show to London’s West End in spring 2021.) Fey adapted her own screenplay for the stage, with music by her husband, Jeff Richmond, and lyrics by Legally Blonde’s Nell Benjamin, and it largely follows the same plot as the film: New kid Cady Heron moves to suburban Chicago, where she crosses paths with the scatterbrained Karen Smith, the keeps-trying-to-make-fetch-happen Gretchen Wieners, and the tyrannical Regina George.

We, of course, have more questions about the new film than Karen in an AP Calc class: What will the Mean Girls cinematic universe look like? Who will play the new Plastics? Will the O.G. girls like Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams make cameos? And most importantly, when will it hit theaters — and will that day be a Wednesday?

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