Adam Sandler warned us that if he did not get an Oscar nomination for his performance in the Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems, he would make a movie that is “so bad on purpose.” That threat still lingers over the pop cultural horizon, in the meantime, Sandler has already made a new short film with directors Josh and Benny Safdie. Titled Goldman v. Silverman, it stars both Sandler and Benny as competing street performers in New York. True to the title, they’re respectively painted gold and silver.

While Sandler’s gold-painted character tries to get a wordless performance going in the middle of Manhattan, Safdie shows up to heckle him. After Sandler curtly tells him to “walk away,” Safdie does so and sets up his own mime performance a few blocks away. This angers Sandler to no end, but eventually, he just gives up and gets a hot dog — at which point his voice becomes more recognizable.

Though neither Safdie brother appeared in front of the camera for Uncut Gems, Benny starred alongside Robert Pattinson in their 2017 film Good Time. Here, he returns to a front-and-center role, while Josh is credited as one of the main cameramen.

Take a break from mourning Uncut Gems‘ Oscar snubs and watch Goldman v. Silverman above. Who knows? Maybe this won’t be the last collaboration we see from these creators.

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