Tyler Perry is back and he’s got more mind games to play with his latest thriller, A Fall From Grace. The film, to be released on Netflix this January 17, gets a dramatic first trailer courtesy of the streaming giant.

The footage shows Crystal Fox (HBO’s Big Little Lies, OWN’s The Have and the Have Nots) as Grace Waters, a recent divorcee who, feeling lonely, falls into a heavy romance with a younger man (Supergirl vet Mehcad Brooks) only to get married and watch her whole life shatter.

After they marry, this guy steals her identity and a ton of money from her place of work, framing her for the crime. That’s when things get violent and she winds up in jail. Bresha Webb (Sextuplets, Night School) plays the attorney who knows something is off about this case and fights to exonerate Grace.

A Fall From Grace — written and directed by Perry, who makes an appearance — also features Phylicia Rashad and Cicely Tyson.

“Another reason I’m so excited is that this is Crystal Fox’s first time playing the lead role in a movie… Can you believe that?!” Perry wrote on Instagram. “After all these years?! Anyway, SHE KILLS IT! Y’all gotta see it. You will be guessing till the end. I promise, you won’t figure it out.”

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