Director hopes horror icon will reprise role of Ash at least one more time.

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise have received some very groovy news. In the course of a Reddit AMA yesterday, director Sam Raimi revealed that he would “love” to make another film in the series with franchise star Bruce Campbell. In April 2018, Campbell announced on Twitter that he had retired from playing the character Ash, which he portrayed in three Evil Dead films and the Starz TV show Ash vs. Evil Dead.

“I would love to direct a new Evil Dead movie…but I’d really like to do it with Bruce,” said Raimi, who was taking part in the AMA to support the release of the new Grudge movie, which he produced with longtime business partner Rob Tapert. “And he says he’s retired the character. I hope not.”

Raimi also revealed that he, Tapert, and Campbell are developing a new Evil Dead movie with an unnamed director. “Bruce, Rob and I are working with a young filmmaker who is writing a new Evil Dead story that he will direct,” Raimi said.

Finally, Raimi stated that the 2013 big screen Evil Dead reboot will be getting a sequel if the earlier movie’s director, Fede Alvarez returns to the franchise fold. “If Fede would write or direct it, yes, in a split second!” said Raimi.

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