Remember how Will Smith revealed the first time he met his Spies in Disguise co-star Tom Holland was doing an escape room, long after they had already been working together on the film? Now we’ve got the video evidence to prove it!

Fans can now see for themselves the very first moment that Smith and Holland meet, minutes before they’re thrown into an escape room together — and it’s as hilarious as you’d expect. After trading some small talk about how Holland “is just scared as hell” about doing the escape room and how he never thought he’d meet Smith, and how weird it is that they haven’t met until this moment, they’re blindfolded and trapped into two separate cells to begin the escape room. Major props to the escape room employee who has more than a little fun freaking out Holland before it all begins.

And poor Holland becomes the target for more pranks because at one point, Smith jumps on Holland while his back is turned to have some fun and scare his co-star, and it absolutely works. “Oh man, I think I s–t myself,” Holland says while Smith loses it laughing next to him. “I think I just s–t my pants.”

Smith revealed the story of how he and Holland met earlier this month while doing a live stream with EW and PEOPLE from the Spies in Disguise premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

“We made a whole movie together, but when you’re doing animation it’s just voice work. We literally just met for the first time,” Smith said, explaining that he recorded his part in L.A. while Holland did his voiceover work in New York City. “We were wanting to figure out if we really could do the stuff that we did as spies [in the escape room]. We got out. It was a 1-hour escape room, and we were out in 24 minutes.”

And Holland revealed on the red carpet that Smith deserved more of the credit for their escape room success. “I think Will got the majority of the clues. I was more like the hype-man in the situation. I was like encouraging him,” Holland said. “I’ve never actually escaped an escape room so the secret of escaping an escape room is do it with Will Smith because he’s really good at it.”

Check out the full video of Smith and Holland’s first time meeting and escape room adventure above now.

Spies in Disguise hits theaters Dec. 25.

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