Based on the marketing alone, you might assume that Taylor Swift has one of the larger roles in Cats.

Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken (sorry Swifties!), but what she lacks in major screentime, she does make up for in screen presence.

As Bombalurina, her time to shine comes by way of the musical number “Macavity: The Mystery Cat,” a sultry jazzy spectacle of song and dance in which she tells her fellow cats about the dastardly Macavity (Idris Elba). Afterwards, she gets whisked away by him, but is strangely not seen again after that, possibly suggesting that an extra scene of hers got cut, but it’s ultimately unclear.

In addition to her big musical number, Swift’s presence can be felt in “Beautiful Ghosts,” a song that has nothing to do with her character, but which comes at a pivotal moment in the film. The singer-songwriter wrote the new song for the film with Cats composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, and although she doesn’t personally sing it in the movie (it is performed by Francesca Hayward, who plays Victoria), Swift’s version of the song does play over the end credits.

Cats, which is directed by Tom Hooper, is adapted from the Broadway musical of the same name. It also stars Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, and more.

Cats is now playing in theaters.

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