We need this Cats adaptation right meow.

Cats just got a helluva lot more enjoyable.

As part of her guest hosting duties on Thursday’s The Late Late Show, Melissa McCarthy brought in fellow funny lady Allison Janney for a comedic sketch. The actresses—one a multi Oscar nominee, the other an Oscar winner—insert themselves into various 2019 movies, including Cats and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

“A lot of big movies are being released this holiday season and I’m proud to say we were in most of them—emphasis on were,” Janney says in the bit, which riffs on them being cut out of these films.

Apparently, they were cut out of Cats because they wrote a song for the movie and the original show’s composer Andrew Lloyd Webber was “jealous.” They were then cut out of this little “indie” movie called War of Stars because they kept making their own lightsaber sound effects, not unlike how Laura Dern would say “pew” every time she fired a blaster in The Last Jedi. But then McCarthy breastfed Baby Yoda on set and that was that.

Watch the “deleted scenes” from the films above.

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