The cast of Cats are making new memories with Jimmy Fallon—even if we can’t scratch the image of CGI cat bosoms from our minds.

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, James Corden, and Francesca Hayward joined Fallon and The Roots for another installment of Classroom Instruments for The Tonight Show in which they all remixed the Cats musical’s most memorable number, “Memory.”

Fallon and the actors all traded verses before passing it off to Hudson, who actually performs the song in this year’s film version. Meanwhile, Swift rapped on a milk bottle, while Questlove played the garbage can lids for percussion.

Movie reviews for Cats have not been kind to the adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway show, but here’s a rare happy moment.

Also, if you’ve been wondering where Corden has been while folks like Alicia Keys, Harry Styles, and Melissa McCarthy guest host The Late Late Show, the answer is doing press for Cats.

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