It turns out, after completing work on Uncut Gems, the Sandman was more like the Sadman.

Earlier this week, EW gathered the directors and cast of Uncut Gems for the latest episode of Around the Table, in which Adam Sandler shared his affinity for his character Howard Ratner, a gambling addict who is struggling to keep his business, marriage, and life afloat.

“I grew to love the man,” says Sandler. “I loved being Howard so much that when we wrapped the movie I was devastated. I wanted to stay Howard.” He added: “Listen, I don’t think I could fit the costume right now, I’ve probably put 15 to 20 pounds on since we wrapped, but, if I could get the costume back on, I’d probably be happier.”

During the conversation, Sandler’s costar Idina Menzel, who plays Howard’s wife Dinah, asked him what was his favorite scene to shoot. “I felt most at home in the trunk of the car naked,” he joked. “That was the only time where I was like, ‘Ah, I’m the Sandman again.'”

Watch the clip above, or go here for the entire video.

Uncut Gems is out now in New York and Los Angeles, and will open nationwide Dec. 25.

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