Amid earning rave reviews and breaking box office records, the cast and filmmakers of Uncut Gems are opening up about such big topics as singing on set, taking career risks, and the necessity of getting a name right.

On Monday, stars Adam Sandler, Idina Menzel (not Adela Dazeem), and Julia Fox, as well as directors Benny and Josh Safdie joined EW’s Around the Table for an in-depth discussion on their thrilling new film.

Benny became an unofficial EW reporter for the day and moderated the conversation, which included him grilling big brother Josh about the origins of Uncut Gems, Sandler revealing how the filmmakers finally won him over after 10 years of trying, and the unearthing of an on-set video of Sandler and Menzel singing “Seasons of Love,” from Rent, which Menzel famously starred in.

Watch the video above for more.

Uncut Gems, which also stars Kevin Garnett and the Weeknd, is out now in New York and Los Angeles, and will open nationwide Dec. 25.

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