Stephen Lang, William Sadler, George Wendt, Fred Williamson, and Martin Kove star in action-thriller.

In the action-thriller VFW (out Feb. 14) an army of drug-addicted maniacs surround and attack a small group of army veterans at the latter’s bar.

“It’s a classic siege movie,” says director Joe Begos. “Mutant punks versus Vietnam vets, which to me are the two coolest sets of characters you can have in a genre movie. So, to be able to pit them against each other is a cinematic playground for me.”

The veterans are played by a lineup of recognizable actors, including William Sadler, Martin Kove, George Wendt, Avatar actor Stephen Lang, and action legend Fred “the Hammer” Williamson.

“He is a walking talking living legend,” says Begos. “I mean, the dude will just walk in to a room and he’ll own it. It was so nice to be able to work with him. He did all of this own stunts. We broke a chair over him. I told him, ‘Fred, we’re going to be throwing this chair pretty hard at you.’ He looks and me [and says] ‘You’d better get it right the first time.’ And he’s 81, too, so that dude was taking some hits.”

VFW is actually the second recent movie from Begos, following the similarly blood-drenched but more artistically-inclined vampire tale Bliss, which stars cast member Dora Madison as a painter who develops a thirst for blood.

“I love crazy-ass hallucinatory arthouse horror movies but I also love white-knuckle f—ing straight-up genre pictures,” says Begos. “The fact that I can do both of those in a short amount of time is really quite exhilarating.”

VFW will be released in theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on Feb. 14. Updates will be announced via the social media channels of the horror magazine Fangoria.

Exclusively watch the trailer for VFW, above.

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