The Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film goes to Sad Adam Driver Singing Stephen Sondheim for 18 Seconds at a Restaurant.

Netflix blessed the internet on Friday by releasing a brief clip — which occurs toward the end of Noah Baumbach’s likely Oscar contender Marriage Story (now streaming) — of the actor singing, teasing a lengthier scene that serves as one of the key emotional turning points in the film about the bitter disintegration of a relationship between stage director Charlie (Driver) and his actress wife, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson).

The teaser sees Driver singing the first few bars of Sondheim’s classic Company number “Being Alive” while seated at a table, though he later stands up and makes his way toward a microphone as patrons watch. The scene cuts before Driver can get into the meat of the song, so you’ll have to watch Marriage Story on Netflix for the full effect (trust us, it’s worth it).

Elsewhere, Sondheim is enjoying a mini revival in Hollywood, as four of the iconic stage composer and musical lyricist’s songs make appearances in major movies, including Driver’s rendition of “Being Alive,” Johansson’s performance of “You Could Drive a Person Crazy” with Julie Hagerty and Merritt Wever (also in Marriage Story), the ill-fated subway bros’ version of “Send In the Clowns” from Joker, and Daniel Craig‘s momentary humming of “Losing My Mind” in Knives Out.

Watch Driver sing “Being Alive” above.

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