The actor was not prepared when he watched the movie for the first time.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston
John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston left husband John Travolta in an uncomfortable position after failing to tell him about her sex scene with Tom Cruise in 1996’s Jerry Maguire.

Travolta opened up about the awkward moment while visiting The Late Late Show With James Corden on Wednesday night, admitting he had no idea the pair shared an intimate scene until he was at a screening watching it unfold.

“You don’t even know what awkward is,” Travolta told Corden during the interview.

“Nor do you,” he added to fellow guest, Sam Taylor-Johnson. “Until you sit in the screening of Jerry Maguire and you don’t know that scene is coming up and your wife is with Tom Cruise in the middle of something that is astonishing. That’s awkward. I had no idea.”

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The conversation came up after director Taylor-Johnson shared how difficult it was for her to film a sex scene between her husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Odessa Young in the upcoming A MillIon Little Pieces, which was shot on Valentine’s Day no less. The actor plays author James Frey in the drama based on Frey’s controversial book of the same name. It tells the story of a drug-addicted man who goes to rehab hoping to beat his addictions. Young’s character, Lilly, is a woman he meets while both are in rehab.

During the Corden segment, Travolta embraced Sam Taylor-Johnson, in a show of solidarity between two people who’ve been put in awkward situations with their respective spouses in the name of Hollywood.

Watch the full confession between the stars, below.

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