The actress looks back on the rom-com in a new episode of Paramount Network's On Location With Josh Horowitz.

They didn’t have “Born to Run,” but Zooey Deschanel is still up for karaoke at the same spot where sparks first flew between Summer and Tom.

A decade after (500) Days of Summer hit theaters, the actress revisited the Redwood — the downtown L.A. bar where Summer and Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) go to karaoke night with their coworkers — for Paramount Network’s On Location With Josh Horowitz, in an episode which EW is exclusively premiering above.

The indie rom-com shined a spotlight on downtown L.A., which “looks amazing” throughout the film, as Deschanel said earlier this year when she re-watched the movie with Gordon-Levitt for EW’s first rom-com issue. “People s— on L.A. all the time. And you know what? L.A. can be gorgeous,” Gordon-Levitt added. “I love that [director] Marc Webb really showed that.”

The film’s doomed love story unfolds in non-linear fragments taking place all over the metropolis, from the Fenton Building, where the pair work together at a greeting-card company, to Grand Park, where Tom dances with a crowd in a vibrant dream sequence. “I love that sequence, and I was sad I wasn’t in it,” Deschanel says in the On Location episode, though she admits that “it makes a lot more sense if I’m not in it.”

Watch Deschanel discuss the common misconceptions about her character, her karaoke memories with Gordon-Levitt, and whether she thinks Summer and Tom could ever get back together in the episode above.

500 Days of Summer
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