Justice League

Zack Snyder posted what’s perhaps his most blunt confirmation yet that his edit of Justice League exists.

Wednesday, the director shared on Instagram and the app Vero the following image of film cans labeled “Justice League Director’s Cut.”

Snyder wrote: “Is it real? Does it exist? Of course it does.”

The image also confirms the film’s running time of 214 minutes — which is a whopping three hours and 34 minutes of screen time (compared to the theatrical release of Justice League, which ran a relatively breezy two hours).

EW posted Tuesday a deep-dive into what’s known about the Snyder Cut so far and speculated as to its likelihood that it will eventually be seen. The bottom line: Despite sources inside Warner Bros. dismissing the idea, it seems quite inevitable the edit will be seen in some form — at minimum, a home video version of Justice League containing a bevy of the director’s previously unseen deleted scenes. That’s because Hollywood history has many instances of studios re-releasing sci-fi and fantasy titles on home video with alternate edits for enthusiasts and collectors — even if the original film was considered a disappointment (such as The Abyss and Alien 3). And seldom has there been so much interest in an alternate edit of a film than there is for Justice League. It’s only a question of how long fans will have to wait — for instance, it took a decade for a proper director’s cut of Blade Runner.

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