Daniel Craig prefers his Thanksgiving dinner carved, not shaved.

The Bond actor took over turkey carving duties for his fellow Knives Out cast members when sitting down for a Thanksgiving feast alongside director Rian Johnson and other stars of the whodunnit caper in a special edition of EW’s Around the Table series.

Johnson first throws out the idea of carving the turkey himself, but when Craig stands to inspect the turkey, the director passes along the task to him. Craig first clears some carving space by moving fall foliage out of the way, passing it to Ana de Armas, who plays a caretaker in the film, as she quips, “Am I the help? Still?”

Craig then takes the knife, which Curtis claimed to have spent a lot of time with in her Halloween days, and expertly starts carving up the bird. “It’s a very good knife,” Craig mutters, while others joke about wanting a Knives Out knife set off-camera. Johnson serves up the turkey, passing plates around to his cast — a heartwarming holiday feast for a cast playing a room full of potential murderers.

In Knives Out, Craig stars as detective Benoit Blanc, who has gathered at the Thrombey family estate to investigate the death of their patriarch. Old rivalries and tensions flare among the eccentric, combative family all hoping for the biggest slice of the inheritance pie.

Watch the clip above for more, and see EW’s full roundtable with the cast here. Knives Out is in theaters now.

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