EW exclusively reveals the new BET+ film's first trailer and release date.

Paula Patton — and her fabulous collection of boss lady fashions — have no time for your criminal foolishness in EW’s exclusive trailer for the new BET+ movie Sacrifice.

You Got Served director Chris Stokes’ upcoming thriller stars the Precious actress as Daniella Hernandez, a no-nonsense Los Angeles entertainment lawyer whose bad-girl reputation — and roster of infamous clients — often gets in the way of her sorority-sister-turned-nemesis, Beverly Rucker, the city’s district attorney.

The clip (above) follows Hernandez as she juggles drug-fueled parties, music video shoots, and her wealthy clients’ wild ways while Rucker — whom she accuses of spearheading “the most murderous police force in the country” — breathes down her neck.

When a new threat begins attacking Hernandez’s clientele, however, she enlists the help of her resourceful assistant and a young ex-hacker to get to the bottom of the case — which may or may not have something to do with Rucker.

“This one needs to pay for what he did,” Patton teases ominously as the preview draws to a close.

Sacrifice — co-executive-produced by actor Marques Houston — premieres Dec. 19 on BET+, the network’s new subscription streaming service. Watch EW’s exclusive trailer above.

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