"It's like going up to somebody [and] going, 'Oh, you're going to have a surprise party.' Well, f--- you."

The stars of Knives Out think the new whodunit is a dish best served cold.

“Going to this movie cold would be the best thing on earth,” Daniel Craig declares during a Thanksgiving-themed edition of EW’s new Around the Table video series.

Costar Jamie Lee Curtis agrees. “There’s also something very aggressive, I find, for people who spoil things for people,” she says.

Curtis hypothesizes that people who share spoilers feel they’re in an elevated position — or “a weird power trip” — but says “in fact, it diminishes you greatly if you really think about it because it makes you very small to ruin the delicious surprise.”

“To ruin it so you somehow look like a smart person? I don’t even know what value ruining a surprise is,” Curtis says. “It’s like going up to somebody [and] going, ‘Oh, you’re going to have a surprise party.’ Well, f— you. Thank you so much for ruining what should be a pleasure, and it is a pleasure, so don’t ruin it.”

Curtis’ castmates, including Don Johnson and Michael Shannon, as well as Knives Out writer-director Rian Johnson, applaud her take on spoilers and caution anyone who dares ruin the ending of their film for others.

“I shall come for you,” Curtis warns, a threat not to be taken lightly considering how many times the veteran actress has fought off serial killer Michael Myers in the Halloween series.

“You see that knife? She knows how to use it,” Don Johnson teases.

Watch the clip of Curtis and costars above, and view the entire roundtable discussion here. Knives Out is in theaters now.

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