Things go hilariously off the rails almost immediately.

Do you think your family gets wild at Thanksgiving? You haven’t seen anything yet.

When writer-director Rian Johnson assembled the stars of his upcoming whodunit caper Knives Out for a Thanksgiving-themed edition of EW’s new Around the Table video series, things went off the rails almost immediately.

What started out as a seemingly innocent introduction of each Knives Out character quickly transformed into a good-natured roasting of the actors by each other, ranging from Katherine Langford‘s “effortlessly cool wink” to the suggestion that Chris Evans was cast in the movie just because he was a “cheap” “local hire.”

Credit: Ethan Bellows for EW

After Johnson stabs the turkey with a giant knife, it prompts Jamie Lee Curtis to reminisce about her Halloween days. “I spent a lot of time with that knife — in a whole ‘nother world,” Curtis recalls. “Just maybe a little.” Curtis also demonstrates how to properly de-seed a pomegranate and, at Johnson’s request, Daniel Craig carves the turkey.

Michael Shannon both sweetly gives thanks for his daughters and also describes his on-screen son Jaeden Martell’s character as a “Stephen Miller in the making.” Shannon and Don Johnson hold forth on the inherent unfairness of inheritances — the complicating factor at the heart of Knives Out's murder mystery — and Ana de Armas reveals the one key missing ingredient for her Cuban family to celebrate the holidays.

“When you’re sick of arguing with your family, come have a laugh at ours,” says Rian Johnson.

Knives Out hits theaters Nov. 27.

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