By Rosy Cordero
November 13, 2019 at 12:45 PM EST

Anna Kendrick plays the daughter of Santa Claus in the upcoming holiday film Noelle, but will she be able to save the entire holiday? The answer is maybe, but what fans can be sure of is that they’re in for a lot of fun and punny surprises on Nov. 12.

The film tells the story of Noelle Kringle (Kendrick), whose brother Nick (Bill Hader) disappears ahead of when he was set to take over Santa Claus duties from their father. Noelle is forced to leave the North Pole for the first time in search of her sibling, who is more interested in starting a new life than his legacy.

While she’s away trying to save the holiday, her tech-obsessed cousin Gabriel (Billy Eichner) is planning to convert Santa’s Workshop into an online delivery service.


“[Nick] is next in line to be Santa Claus, so I’m helping him train to be the next Santa and he disappears,” Kendrick tells EW. “And I have to go and find him.”

Eichner adds, “Cousin Gabe, played by the wonderful Billy Eichner, he takes over and I’m very into modernizing Christmas and making it very high-tech and very digital—and not everyone is into that.”

The pair calls the film “comforting and heartwarming” as well as “joyful Christmas magic.” But, one thing fans can certainly expect is a stocking full of puns.

“Just get ready for Christmas puns, if you love Christmas puns,” Kendrick tells EW during our video interview above.

“If you love a Christmas pun, Noelle is the movie for you,” Eichner adds while laughing with his co-star.

Watch the full interview with the pair from the D23 Expo above.

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