An iconic Star Wars scene has been altered yet again.

The famous and much-debated “Han shot first” cantina scene in 1977’s A New Hope where Harrison Ford‘s smuggler faces down bounty hunter Greedo has apparently been re-edited for Disney+. Before Han fires, Greedo now not only shoots first but also shouts — and this is real — what sounds like … “Maclunkey!

Watch for yourself:

A Lucasfilm representative confirmed to EW that creator George Lucas signed off on the change back in 2012, prior to the company’s acquisition by Disney. But this is seemingly the first time the new version has been publicly released.

The move is seemingly the latest attempt to soften the scene where Han Solo preemptively kills Greedo. In the lead up to the gunfight, Han warns the Rodian he’ll confiscate the Millennium Falcon “over my dead body” and Greedo replies “that’s the idea” — which alone is rather clear that the green alien is about to fire anyway. But a previous version of the scene was somewhat clunkily re-edited in 1997’s Special Edition to show Greedo firing first (and somehow missing despite firing at point-blank range).

Now Greedo says this mystery word — without a subtitle to explain it — leaving open the possibility that perhaps Greedo was making it even more clear he was going to shoot Han. Perhaps it’s Greedo profanity? Or something?

The word was apparently previously said in the series, this time with subtitles, in The Phantom Menace when Sebulba threatens young Anakin. The word may mean “This will be the end of you.” Here’s that clip:

And here’s another take:

By comparison, here is the original version of the Greedo scene in A New Hope:

At any rate, fans are naturally having a field day with instantly meme-able Maclunkey jokes.

Disney+ launched Tuesday amid some technical hangups and it included the debut of the new live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

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