Will we want to head “Into the Unknown“? Frozen 2 recently screened early for certain film critics and reporters, and the answer, so far, seems to be yes.

The first responses to the animated fantasy sequel, featuring the voices of Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, describe the next chapter as “funny,” “sweet,” “moving,” “darker,” and also maybe even better than the original.

“It’s hard to compare since I’ve seen Frozen 1 roughly 4,000 times with my girls but I think Frozen 2 might be just as good, if not better… it’s really funny and as sweet and moving as you’d expect,” tweeted Yahoo’s Kevin Polowy.

“#Frozen2 seems to exist primarily bc box office for Frozen 1 demanded a sequel, but there’s still plenty to love here: eye-popping fantasy sequences, nice moments for your faves, LOTS of new songs including the earworm-y ‘Into the Unknown,’ and an unbearably cute new critter,” wrote Mashable’s Angie Han.

Frozen 2 returns Menzel as Elsa, Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, and Josh Gad as Olaf. Elsa begins hearing a voice calling out to her that leads everyone on a journey north, farther than they’ve gone before. The gang then find themselves in front of an enchanted forest, where… something went wrong years earlier and trapped everyone within.

Joining the sequel’s voice cast are Evan Rachel Wood as Elsa and Anna’s mother, Queen Iduna, and Sterling K. Brown as Mattias, one of the Arendelle soldiers trapped in the enchanted woods.

Frozen 2, again directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, will open in theaters on Nov. 22. Read more first responses below.

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