One year after lighting up the internet’s curiosity at the center of the holiday-themed Princess Switch, the High School Musical actress and recording artist is back with another Netflix Christmas movie: The Knight Before Christmas, the first trailer for which teases a joyful, time-hopping romantic romp through the season.

Hudgens leads the film (which she also executive-produced) as Brooke, a hopelessly romantic Ohio science teacher whose life turns upside-down after a sorceress transports a medieval knight, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse), to her small town. Though she’s initially skeptical of Cole’s claims that he’s from another era, she soon finds herself falling for the quirky knight as she helps him thwart the sorceress’ plan and discover the one act that can return him home.

“Who are we to tell him he’s not who he says he is?” Brooke tells a disbeliever in the preview. “What if there are things beyond our comprehension?”

The Knight Before Christmas lands Nov. 21 on Netflix, while Hudgens’ Princess Switch sequel is expected to be released in 2020. Watch the new trailer above.

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