The Lion King star has Evans on to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Billy on the Street, but the actor just wants to talk about Knives Out.
Billy on the Street
Credit: Funny or Die

Now that The Lion Kingbreakout Billy Eichner is in with Disney, he’s finally able to recruit one of the O.G. members of Marvel’s Avengers onto Billy on the Street.

While Chris Evans does get to pitch his new film Knives Out to unsuspecting New Yorkers, Eichner is of course introducing the actor to everyone as Captain America, a moniker he has (for now) left behind after Avengers: Endgame.

As Eichner gets passerby’s to sign a petition remove Kevin Spacey from homosexuality, and add Evans, and cuts deals with strangers to move Billy on the Street newly on Netflix — over to Disney+, the pair of actors run into Ant-Man himself.

Surprisingly, while Evans is the big get, Paul Rudd, who already did Eichner’s show before in 2014, is the bigger hit with the locals.

To end the video, Eichner assembles his own version of the Avengers: Evans flanked by a group of lesbians.

Watch the video above to see more of Eichner and Evans.

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