"Honestly, I’m so sorry about this," Reynolds wrote.

By Nick Romano
November 05, 2019 at 12:44 PM EST

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Ryan Reynolds is “so sorry about this.”

The Deadpool actor lived up to his character’s name once again through a new Movember-themed promo video for his Aviation Gin label. Where previous ads took shots at longtime (fake) nemesis Hugh Jackman and looped in one Fyre Festival documentary star, this latest video spoofs one of the most famous mustaches in recent memory, the Justice League stache-gate.

Ryan Reynolds / Justice League
Credit: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter; Warner Bros.

“Does drinking Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero?” says a mustachioed Reynolds before taking a sip from his cup. “I wouldn’t know,” he continues after putting the cup down to find his facial hair has been mysteriously erased through computer magic.

Reynolds never mentions Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill or Superman specifically, but what else could he possibly be referring to?

Cavill filmed his scenes as Superman for director Zack Snyder‘s Justice League before moving on to shoot his role in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The latter required that he grow a mustache to play antagonist August Walker. The problem was Cavill then had to go back to film reshoots on Justice League after Joss Whedon took over as director for Snyder. Cavill couldn’t just shave his stache, so the producers used CGI wizardry to erase it for the screen.

The results were not too far off from Reynolds in that Movember promo.

“You can’t conceal the power of the Mo,” reads the official Movember Twitter account.

“If I was ever going to grow a mustache, it would have to be a world-changing mustache, and I’m glad it was,” Cavill once told EW of that stache. “I’ve put up with that thing for a year, I’ve learned to love it and now I miss it. I’m glad it got so much in the way of media attention and everything because if I ever grow a mustache again, I can look back and know that I can find so much in the way of videos and memes and Instagram posts, whatever it may be just to remind me of what it was like.”

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