For Lupita Nyong’o at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, it’s Us or them.

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood this past Saturday to first tour the Us-inspired maze at the Horror Nights attraction, the Oscar winner soon suited up again as Red, her character in Us, director Jordan Peele‘s spine-tingling follow-up film to Get Out. Once back in character, Nyong’o attempted blending into the Horror Nights maze to scare unsuspecting guests.

Video of her shenanigans hit the web on Wednesday, showing footage of the actress dangling Red’s familiar paper cutouts in front of passersby and cackling manically.

The maze takes inspiration from the underground tunnels that stretch across America and house “The Tethered,” the doppelgängers from Us. Guests first follow Adelaide Wilson, a young girl in 1986 as she stumbles through a funhouse mirror, before cutting to the present world of The Tethered.

Tickets for the remaining Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood are still available for the remaining October and November dates. But, Nyong’o herself won’t be there. Fortunately, her doppelgänger will keep you company.

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