There are more questions than answers in the first chilling Wounds trailer, which pushes actors Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson to the edge of madness… and then seemingly shoves them over.

The official description for the Hulu original film simply mentions “disturbing and mysterious things” that happen to a New Orleans bartender named Will (Hammer) “after he picks up a phone left behind in his bar.” The footage first shows a fight breaking out in the watering hole with someone likely getting stabbed with a broken bottle.

The phone Will picks up in the aftermath, presumably left by a group of college kids, contains some pretty dark stuff. First, there are ominous texts from a guy named Garrett warning, “We shouldn’t have messed with those books! I’m scared!!” (Kudos to Garrett for maintaining his grammar via text.) Then there’s the more serious matter of the videos Will saw whilst perusing through the phone.

The monstrosities continue — including visions of swarming roaches, cracking skulls, and Will’s girlfriend Carrie (Johnson) definitely not getting eight hours of sleep — as Will keeps investigating whatever malevolence is behind it all.

Wounds - Still 1
Credit: Michele K Short/Hulu

While the two actors have appeared in the same movie, 2010’s The Social Network, they didn’t actually share any scenes; Wounds now brings them together on screen.

Babak Anvari, the BAFTA-winning director behind the 2016 horror-thriller Under the Shadow, helms Wounds, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival before making its way to the Cannes Film Festival.

Zazie Beetz and Neon Demon‘s Karl Glusman also star.

Wounds will premiere Oct. 18 on Hulu.

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