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Shia LaBeouf is the latest celebrity to dish out behind the scenes secrets while under the heat on Complex’s Hot Ones.

18 minutes into the interview, with the Honey Boy star already tearing up from the heat of the show’s spicy chicken wings, LaBeouf fact-checked a longstanding gossip story that he knocked out Tom Hardy while they were shooting the 2012 film Lawless.

“Yeah it’s a bunch of bullsh—. We used to wrestle all the time and he was just a big f—ing person, especially then. He was getting ready for Bane.” LaBeouf goes on to describe how one time, after they saw each other outside, the actor with his girlfriend and Hardy with his trainer, Hardy snuck into his house to surprise attack him. “He runs into my room, and the girl I was with at the time was terrified. And she’s like ‘aah’ and she covered up and she ran into the kitchen and he picked me up, I didn’t have nothing on, so now I’m naked on his shoulder.”

As chaos ensues, LaBeouf says Hardy had him in “some weird twisty naked position, and as he was making an escape, “We wound up inching over to where the stairs were, and he fell down the stairs, and he wound up hurting his back.”

Hardy went on to spread the rumor around town that LaBeouf knocked him out, but as LaBeouf tells it, “that wasn’t the case. We were having a cutie wrestling match.”

Watch the video above to see LaBeouf’s full Hot Ones interview.

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