There are lots of TV shows about superheroes these days, but the one shown in Netflix’s first Raising Dion trailer is different.

“You come across so many superhero stories that usually are from the perspective of the person inflicted with the powers,” actress Alisha Wainwright previously told EW. “It was so refreshing to hear the story from the person whose life is so dramatically affected by that: the caregiver of that young person.”

Raising Dion, produced by and featuring actor Michael B. Jordan, centers on Nicole (Wainwright), who’s grappling with her son (Ja’Siah Young) developing superhuman powers. Telekinesis and teleportation are just two in this kid’s growing arsenal. But when these powers emerge, shadowy government organizations are never far behind.

Jordan plays Dion’s father, who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Nicole said it was during a storm, and she wasn’t lying. The trailer features footage of these abnormal stormfronts, some in the shape of humans, being drawn to Dion. In the thick of it all is Nicole, trying her best to protect her son.

Raising Dion will premiere on Netflix this Oct. 4.

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