Jamie Lee Curtis thinks the idea of a The Princess Bride remake is inconceivable.

After Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra remarked that a remake of the beloved 1987 movie could be in the works, the actress shared her dismay at the idea on Twitter. “Oh really?” wrote Curtis. “Well, I married the six fingered man, obviously why we have stayed together for 35 years and there is only ONE The Princess Bride and it’s William Goldman and @robreiner’s.” She then added a quote from the movie to really drive home the message: “Life is pain highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something!’”

Curtis, who is married to The Princess Bride’s Count Rugen Christopher Guest, wasn’t alone in her anguish at the thought of a remake. Actor Cary Elwes, who played the lead role of Westley in the film, also had some thoughts to share on the matter. “There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world,” he wrote on Twitter. “It would be a pity to damage this one.”

Adapted from the 1973 novel of the same name, The Princess Bride tells the story of Westley (Elwes) who sets out on a quest to rescue Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright), after she is kidnapped in an attempt to force her into marriage with Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). In addition to Guest, the movie also stars Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, André the Giant, Billy Crystal, and Fred Savage, among many other famous faces. (In fact, EW reunited the star-studded cast in 2011.) The star power of the original movie alone seems reason enough to hold off on a remake, but according to Vinciquerra some big names are eager to be part of a retelling. “We have so many people coming to us saying, ‘We want to remake this show or that show,’” the CEO told Variety in a profile about Norman Lear, who produced the movie. “Very famous people whose names I won’t use, but they want to redo The Princess Bride.”

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