Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow unleashed his secret short film on FX Sunday night and released it online soon after. In just eight-and-a-half minutes, America in a post-Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is already one terrifying place.

“Battle at Big Rock” takes place one year after the events of Fallen Kingdom at Big Rock National Park. In the 2018 sequel film, we saw the horrors of Lockwood Manor, where Eli Mills (Rafe Spall) was about to auction off a variety of dinosaurs to the highest bidders after he tricked Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) into saving as many species possible from a dissolving Isla Nublar.

That film ended with life finding a way once again and the dinos fleeing into the open world. So, now these prehistoric creatures are roaming the U.S. What does that look like for the rest of us? The answer comes in “Battle at Big Rock,” where a family’s camping trip turns into a survivalist nightmare.

The camp grounds become the center for a dino-on-dino attack when a female nasutoceratops and her baby wander towards the fireplace. An allosaurus then storms onto the scene, but when it can’t make a meal out of them, he hears a crying infant and sets its sights on the family.

André Holland (Hulu’s Castle Rock), Natalie Martinez (Netflix’s The I-Land), newcomer Melody Hurd, and Pierson Salvador (AMC’s NOS4A2) star in the short.

Trevorrow wrote “Battle at Big Rock” with Jurassic World 3 screenwriter Emily Carmichael.

After the release of Fallen Kingdom, the director told EW the third film “will be focused storytelling with dinosaurs all over the world. We really wanted this technology, this genetic power, to go open-source at the end of the film. What we’re suggesting is not just that these specific animals that we care about that were in captivity were freed, but also that the ability to create these animals has gone a little bit wider than our friend Dr. Wu. The open-sourcing of any technology, like nuclear power, that’s the scary side for me.”

Clearly, humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

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