In the Netflix science fiction-thriller In the Shadow of the Moon (out. Sept. 27), Boyd Holbrook (Logan, The Predator) plays a Philadelphia cop named Thomas Lockhart who begins tracking a serial killer in 1988. With the murderer mysteriously resurfacing every nine years and, with their crimes defying all scientific explanation, Lockhart’s obsession with finding the truth threatens to destroy his career, his family, and his sanity.

“I think the less you know going in the better,” says director Jim Mickle (Cold in July). “I describe it as an ‘80s murder-mystery that’s been evolved into a genre-bender about obsession, and regret, and ambition, and all that good stuff.”

Mickle remembers the film’s shoot as “really f—ing hard. It was all nights, in Toronto, in the summertime. So, it was very hot, but we also only had about ten hours of night per night. Every night was just a race. It was a behemoth, and the first time I had done something that big, and trying to get that thing to move as quickly as we wanted it to move was really diffifult. But I came out of it incredibly happy.”

In the Shadow of the Moon costars Cleopatra Coleman, Bokeem Woodbine, and Michael C. Hall. But, according to Mickle, it was Holbrook who the director really put through the grinder during production.

“I love that genre of that noir-ish guy who keeps on getting the s— kicked out of [him] as he’s trying to solve some bigger meaning about life and this is hopefully my answer to some of those kinds of films,” says Mickle. “At some point I realized, Oh, yes, we’re doing this to you, Boyd, we’re beating the crap out of you. We had him swimming through the ocean, falling through the air. We were really going for it. There were days when I was like, ‘Man, if you want to take a big swing at me right now…’ He did it every day with a smile. It was very cool.”

Exclusively watch the trailer for In the Shadow of the Moon above and see the film’s poster below.

Credit: Netflix

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