The Downton Abbey movie is headed to theaters on September 20, but it’s not necessary to have seen the popular period drama in order to enjoy its big-screen adaptation. With time so limited this late into September, series stars Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, and Allen Leech are here to help.

EW asked the trio to recap the Julian Fellowes-created drama — about the aristocratic Crawley family and their domestic employees who all share an expansive estate in the Northern English countryside — in just 60 seconds, enough to get even the most casual fan excited and newbies wanting to know more.

“It’s a house, there’s a family…” Leech tells EW in the exclusive video above.

Dockery interrupts, “Called the Crawleys.”

“They have servants,” Leech adds.

“Who work for them,” Dockery finishes his thought.

Leech continues, “You get to see their lives… People who have watched the show have watched it from [when the action takes place starting in] 1912 all the way until this day when the movie starts, which is in 1927.”

The trio was under pressure with a ticking clock, but for a deeper dive and more details on the series, watch the video below:

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