Poor Elizabeth Lail. In Netflix's YOU, the actress played someone who was blissfully ignorant to the fact she was dating her own stalker. And now, in the first Countdown trailer, her next character should've never downloaded that supernatural smartphone app that tells her how long she has left to live.

Countdown's writer-director Justin Dec delivers a story that follows a young nurse named Quinn (Lail). Everyone is having fun with this new app called Countdown, which claims to pinpoint exactly when users are going to die, down to the second. But when she downloads the app, it gives her less than three days to live.

What happens when the clock reaches 0? It seems a supernatural entity with super long, pointy fingers comes to collect you for the Reaper. Our entire lives are on our phone. Now, so are our deaths.

It's a horror play on a concept we saw in the 2009 rom-com TiMER, which envisioned a clock counting down to the moment a person meets their soulmate. Black Mirror also gave it a whirl with season 4 episode "Hang the DJ," about a dating app that puts a clock on how long relationships will last. This promises a lot less happy ending.

Countdown also stars Jordan Calloway (the mean jock from Riverdale), Talitha Bateman, Tichina Arnold, and P.J. Byrne. The film will arrive in theaters on Oct. 25.

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