Credit: Gizelle Hernandez for EW

It’s time to make your own money moves!


Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu sparkled on our Hustlers digital cover, and now’s your chance to make your own glitzy version. Everyone can be a star using our custom Snapchat and Facebook lens!

Trying out the lens is easy. First, get Snapchat or Facebook downloaded to your phone, and then follow these quick instructions:


You can unlock the lens two different ways via Snapchat.

1. Click this link. It will push you to the app and open the lens.

2. Alternately, if you’re using a desktop browser, open the Snapchat app and take a quick photo of this Snapcode.


Facebook Stories

Similar to Snapchat, there are two ways to unlock the lens on Facebook Stories.

1. Just tap this link. This will push to open the lens within the Facebook app.

2. Snap a photo of this QR code and your phone will activate the lens for you.


Voilà! Capture your cover videos and show everyone you’re partying Hustlers-style with EW.

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