Samara Weaving‘s Harry Potter tattoo had her wanting to apparate off a set recently.

The Ready or Not star recently admitted while sitting down with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival that she was embarrassed by the prospect of her Guns Akimbo costar Daniel Radcliffe catching a glimpse of her Deathly Hallows tattoo.

Samara Weaving and Daniel Radcliffe
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

“I wore really long socks for a long time and then I realized what a gentleman he is, and forgot to wear long socks,” she explained after being asked if it really exists, “and yeah, he sort of [said], ‘Is that what I think it is?'”

“It was a Deathly Hallows tattoo,” Radcliffe chimed in. “Which a lot of people have — there’s no shame in it. There’s not. It’s absolutely okay. I wasn’t gonna be like, ‘Oh god, Samara, you clearly are a big fan. I’m freaked out by it.’ Like, you know, I don’t care.”

Ironically, Weaving’s character in Guns Akimbo spends much of the film trying to murder Radcliffe’s. He plays a nerdy video game developer who finds himself in an illegal live-streamed death match facing off against Weaving’s Nix, the trigger-happy star of the deathmatch. But we’re happy to report she and Radcliffe are very fond of each other in real life — tattoo and all.

Honestly, Weaving had nothing to worry about. It’s not like she has a Dark Mark.

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