It’s been 19 years since Josh Lucas first acted opposite Christian Bale in the 2000 film American Psycho, and after reuniting for Ford v Ferrari, Lucas is happy to report that Bale is much more like his race car-driving family man character than he is a seemingly homicidal businessman.

“To come back all these years later and work with [Bale] again and watch what he’s done with his career, which is so utterly magnificent, but then also to see this character which in some ways maybe is close to Christian in that he’s lovely and light and funny… I think it’s an astounding performance yet again,” Lucas explains during a visit to the EW and PEOPLE video suite at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lucas says the appeal of Bale’s Ford v Ferrari character is the opposite of his infamous Patrick Bateman role, adding that audiences will have “such empathy for this guy and he has these amazing moments where he’s inside of a racecar and you’re really watching what he’s feeling just through his eyes.”

While Bale didn’t land an Oscar nomination for American Psycho, he has become an award season staple with four nominations, including a Best Supporting Actor win (The Fighter), in the last decade.

Ford v Ferarri, a two-hander with Matt Damon about America’s attempt to win the famed Le Mans car race in 1966, is Bale’s newest entry into awards season and drives into theaters Nov. 15.

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