Elliot Page
Credit: EW

Ellen Page is using her star power to bring attention to important environmental issues, with the documentary There’s Something in the Water. The title, which made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, shines a light on environmental racism and the disproportionate effect of environmental damage on Black Canadian and First Nations communities in Nova Scotia.

Page stopped by the EW and PEOPLE video suite to discuss how Ingrid Waldron’s book of the same name inspired her to take a closer look at the environmental issues plaguing her native Canada.

“I was learning about these issues in these towns from when I was a little kid onward, and had no clue,” Page, who shot the footage herself alongside co-director Ian McDaniel, said. “I think we’re a bit, and I’ll speak for all of us here, in shock. You know? Because the initial idea to go do this and to take two 5D’s to Nova Scotia came out of a desire after connecting with the incredible Ingrid Waldron, who wrote There’s Something in the Water. It was just to amplify these extremely important voices who need to be heard, who need to be leading the way. Especially right now, as we’re experiencing the climate crisis we’re experiencing.”

Waldron admits that this project was born with a little help from a social media message, sent to her by the Juno actress.

“It started with a tweet in the fall of last year,” she explains. “I went to my Twitter page and it was extremely active. I traced it back to Ellen Page, but I didn’t know it was Ellen Page the actress. Once I realized it was her, I reached out and said, ‘Thank you very much for promoting my book.,'” says Waldron. “Through a friend of hers, we arranged to speak on the phone. She wanted to get a sense for me, how she can leverage this issue—how she can use her platform to elevate the voices of women on the front lines of environmental justice organizing.”

A wide release date for the documentary is yet unannounced.

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