The just-released It Chapter Two has proven to be a monster-sized hit and, under normal circumstances, that would likely mean we could expect a third chapter in the horror franchise in the not-to-distant-future. The problem? Director Andy Muschietti has now effectively exhausted the franchise’s source material, Stephen King‘s 1986 novel It, and its decades-spanning battle between the Losers Club and Pennywise. So, will we ever see Bill Skarsgård once again playing everyone’s favorite killer clown. Well maybe. Speaking to EW prior to the release of It Chapter Two, the Swedish actor revealed that he would be up for portraying Pennywise again, given the right circumstances.

“It would have to be the right type of approach to it,” said Skarsgård. “The book ends where the second movie ends, so that is the final chapter of this story. There is this interesting aspect of going back in time before all this happened. There might be a story there that might be worth exploring. Obviously that would be a story that’s not in the book, it would be a freestanding story, but obviously within the same universe. So, there might be something interesting out of it. I think it would be fun.”

Watch the trailer for It Chapter Two above.

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