Captain America's biggest weakness is — adorable dogs!

Stop whatever you’re doing right now because there is nothing more important than the video you’re about to watch.

Chris Evans. Cuddling. Puppies.

Captain America himself visited the EW photo booth, in partnership with Facebook and Instagram, at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday while promoting his new film Knives Out, and it’s really the only video you need in your life right now. His unbridled joy when he first sees a puppy continues to increase as Evans, a known dog person, does exactly the right thing — he freaks out.

And have you ever been jealous of a puppy? Because you’re about to be when this lucky pupper grabs Evans as the Marvel star shows some love.

Evans wasn’t the only star to visit the EW puppy area, but he may have been the most enchanted. The adorable pups are from Finding Them Homes-James Bay Pawsitive Rescue and are all looking for homes. Evans has a rescue dog of his own named Dodger, and has called rescue dogs “the best dogs” in the past.

Nothing will ever beat watching Evans cuddle, kiss, and play with puppies, so he’s already won TIFF. Everyone can go home now!

The Toronto International Film Festival runs through to Sept. 15.

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