Earlier this year, Quentin Tarantino surprised fans by releasing an extended, four-part miniseries version of his 2015 Western The Hateful Eight on Netflix. Now, Brad Pitt has confirmed that the director is thinking about giving his recent, Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio-starring hit Once Upon a Time in Hollywood the same treatment.

The Fight Club and Ocean’s Eleven star is the subject of a new profile article in The New York Times by writer Kyle Buchanan. Earlier today, Buchanan tweeted out an outtake from his conversation with the actor in which Pitt confirmed that Tarantino has “talked about” turning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood into a miniseries. Pitt’s reaction to that concept? “It’s a pretty arousing idea,” the actor, who plays a stuntman in the film, told Buchanan.

The rumor that Tarantino might release a miniseries version of his latest film actually dates back to early August and another tweet from Buchanan. “I keep hearing Tarantino told the Once Upon Time in Hollywood actors that he’ll put their deleted scenes back when he recuts the film into episodes for Netflix,” he wrote at the time.

That would be good news for repeat Tarantino performer Tim Roth, whose name appears in the end credits of the movie but who is not actually seen in the movie itself.

Set in Los Angeles during the late ’60s, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood also stars Margot Robbie, who plays the real-life actress, Sharon Tate.

Watch EW’s roundtable interview with Tarantino, Robbie, DiCaprio, and Pitt, above.

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