The Theory of Everything stars Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne are taking their electric chemistry to new heights in the first trailer for Wild Rose helmer Tom Harper’s upcoming historical drama The Aeronauts.

A reality-based chronicle of famed meteorologist James Glaisher’s (Redmayne) aerial research throughout the late 1800s, The Aeronauts dramatizes his work with the help of an invented character, Amelia Wren (Jones), his fiercely loyal copilot who harbors a penchant for science as much as she does being a showgirl. Inspired by the story of Glashier’s 1862 excursion with fellow aeronaut Henry Coxwell (whom Wren replaces in the film), the movie charts the pair’s dangerous mission to study the earth’s natural patterns from the sky as they attempt to travel higher than any human before them in a massive hot air balloon — an event Wren clearly wants to publicize as a meeting of science and spectacle to generate interest their work, while the no-nonsense Glaishier anchors his approach in curmudgeonly determination.

Despite their momentary clashes, Wren stays the course in solving the mysteries of the atmosphere, maintaining that “there are answers in the sky,” as Jones says in the clip. “Up there is where I’ve found the greatest happiness.”

Set for theatrical distribution by Amazon Studios, The Aeronauts will likely hold its world premiere at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival this weekend, as its Sept. 8 Toronto International Film Festival bow is listed as a Canadian Premiere on the event’s website.

Given the Oscar-verified pedigree of its cast (Jones received her first Best Actress nod for her turn in Theory, while Redmayne won his first Best Actor statuette for his part in the film) and its elaborate visual effects on full display in the new preview, the film is expected to be a player in the upcoming awards race. Wonder writer Jack Thorne penned the script, while Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price (Gravity) scored the project.

Following its festival debut, The Aeronauts is set for theatrical release on Dec. 6. Watch the film’s trailer above.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in THE AERONAUTS
Credit: Amazon Studios

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