Andie MacDowell and Samara Weaving give their best horror screams, offer a lesson on how to shout 'Holy Dick,' and dish behind-the-scenes juice while playing a difficult kid's game in EW's exclusive video

Ready or Not (2019 Movie)

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re alive! But, you haven’t really lived until you’ve heard Golden Globe-nominated actress Andie MacDowell scream “Holy Dick!”

Thankfully, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s horror-comedy Ready or Not (out now in theaters) includes a scene where the Four Weddings and a Funeral star — who plays the menacing ringleader of a lavish Satanist bloodline (with a robust inheritance of old money from their board game tycoon patriarch) engaging a new bride marrying into their ranks, Grace (Samara Weaving), in a deadly game of hide and seek that marks a grim family tradition — wails the phrase in delectable anguish.

Credit: Mettie Ostrowski for EW

In EW’s exclusive video above, MacDowell and Weaving recreate the iconic moment as they enjoy a round of cocktails, answer questions about the movie, and (attempt) to master a game of Suspend — all to hilarious results.

On top of MacDowell screaming the improvised line in three distinct styles, the pair also offer up their best horror movie screams, dish on an on-set mishap that saw Weaving accidentally whack her costar in the face with a blunt object, and an injury that gave MacDowell’s glamorously evil character her signature slink as she stalks the halls of a dark manor in pursuit of her prey.

“I did kind of feel like a badass, but the thing of it is, right when I started the movie, I pulled out my back and I didn’t really want to tell anybody. It was frickin’ killing me,” MacDowell says of her bow-and-arrow-wielding, couture gown-wearing character, who stalks Grace I’d like to take credit for the fact that she walks kind of funny, [and] I think I was trying to do it badass, but part of me thinks it’s also because my back was killing me!”

Though the film deftly balances the macabre with humor, Weaving admits she was serious about grounding Grace (whom she deems a “Final Woman” in opposition to the genre’s “Final Girl” trope) in strength and resilience despite her seemingly insurmountable odds — which included being thrown into a pit of dead goats while fighting a bloody battle against her new husband’s crazed family, all while wearing a gorgeous wedding dress that becomes increasingly caked in goo and human remains as the film rages on.

“When I read the script, I could see it going in the damsel-in-distress route, and I spoke to Radio Silence — the beautiful directors — and I told them that I really wanted to make her strong and not just terrified the whole time,” Weaving says. “I wanted to make her determined and angry as well, and I think they really supported that and Grace became super strong.”

Ready or Not is now playing in theaters nationwide. Watch EW’s hilarious video featuring MacDowell and Weaving above.

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Ready or Not (2019 Movie)
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