As a producer operating mostly in the indie-horror space, Travis Stevens has overseen a fascinatingly diverse array of projects, from 2010’s serial killer film A Horrible Way to Die to 2013’s giant arachnid tale Big Ass Spider! to the same year’s fascinating documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune. Now, Stevens is tackling the haunted house genre with his directorial debut Girl on the Third Floor, which has recently received a warm reception on the horror festival circuit.

The movie stars WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks as Don Koch, a troubled individual who convinces his wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn), that he can rehab their new Victorian home himself. In over his head, under duress, and tempted by his old weaknesses, Don soon discovers that the house has its own dark, sordid history and won’t be so easy to renovate after all.

Dark Sky Films is releasing Girl on the Third Floor in theaters and on digital platforms, Oct. 25.

Watch the movie’s trailer, above.

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